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Meet The Family

  Miss Karen

The original Lindsay Tia handbag was inspired by Miss Karen, the woman who paved the road to my success.
She is the owner of In Stitches, where she teaches people like me how to sew.This style lets the customer call the shots,just like Miss Karen. With it’s basic design and various patterns, there is a bag to compliment every woman’s unique style. These bags were created for anyone like Miss Karen – daring, innovative, with a definite wild side. 

Canavan Carry-All

The Canavan Carry All was created to mirror the personality of small business owner, Sue Canavan.
Sue has always been one of my biggest supporters, and has sold my bags in Aura Salon for 9 years.
This style represents the woman who turned her business into a success, not only by cutting hair, but consistently giving back to the community.
These bags are for anyone like Sue -independent, busy, and always on-the-go!

Tia Tote

Founded in 1985 at Tia’s Restaurant in Boston, Hugh & Phyllis fell in love into a 30+ year marriage.
They named me after Tia’s restaurant and I’ve had the honor of calling them my parents for 23 years.
They are the foundation of my business and the motivation to always dream bigger. From sleepless nights, to prepping bags, and stressful decisions, they are always pushing me to be who I want to be and do what I want to do. The Tia Tote is named after two people who never will give up on me. (Not that they have a choice). The Tia Tote is for anyone like my parents: motivating, loving, and a pain in the bottom.

The Mini

The meaning behind the bow is more powerful then you think.  Not only does the bow represent beauty and femininity, but it also represents a "tied" bond women create when they empower one another. The mini represent three empowering & giving women I look up to; Christi, Stacey, and Danielle. They are from The Black Box Boutique and the inspiration behind "The Mini".  Christi is not only an inspiration and giver, but is my soul sister. Stacey is the best mentor but even more so, an idol, & Danielle is a woman with the biggest of hearts.  This is what "The Mini" is all about, representing three powerful women who started a revolution. "The Mini" is for anyone like The Black Box Gals- extraordinary, full of love, and always REACHING for their dream’s!

The Bravery Bag

The Bravery bag represents our inner hero. Whether you’re a hero in the military, or a hero within yourself conquering life’s everyday battles. There is someone brave in all of us and that is exactly what this bag represents. It represents the American Dream that anything in life is possible, you just have to find your inner super-hero. 
The first step is to believe in yourself, the second step is to give it your all, and the third step is to be brave.  
Carry this bag every day to show the world just how brave you are. Let The Bravery Bag represent the Fearless, 
All-American, and Unstoppable person you can be!

Sun of a Beach Bag

Sun of a Beach is inspired by my backbone of Lindsay Tia and my idea of heaven. Holly Bronchard (the backbone) is a pattern maker by day and beach bum (my heaven, specifically Westport Beach,) by night. Our summer getaways are filled with family, laughter and fun – all the ingredients that make life special. Holly does not only take care of my family, but anyone who needs a little boost. Her caring, kind, and loving personality makes her a true inspiration for Lindsay Tia.
Sun of a Beach…She does it all! This bag is perfect for anyone like Holly: Fierce, Fabulous and a beach bum.

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