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The "Bravery Brand" represents our inner super-hero. Whether you're a hero in the military, or a hero within yourself conquering life's everyday battles, there is someone brave in all of us. Lindsay Tia represents the American Dream that anything in life is possible.

Step #1 Believe in yourself
Step #2 Give it your all
Step #3 Always remember to be brave

Let the "Bravery Brand" represent the fearless All-American and unstoppable person you can be!

Hi, my name is Lindsay Tia Reilly. I am a 24 entreprenette and owner of the brand "Lindsay Tia." As I grew my handbag company I was asked to design the official bag for Boston Medicals Catwalk for cancer. That is where the "Bravery Bag" was born. Two year's ago on the catwalk strut some of the brave men and women overcoming cancer and holding tight to their American Flag "Bravery Bag!" Selling bag after bag, I started receiving story after story of people and their brave moments from when they carried their bag. In 2015 I partnered with the USO New England by donating $10 of every Bravery Bag sold to support our troops and their families. Again, bag after bag I started receiving more stories! 

This year I am launching the "BRAVE" brand with 5 different products to be the symbol of all the brave stories out there. Each week I will be interviewing everyday people around Boston and releasing their Brave stories on our "Bravery Blog," Facebook, and Instagram. 

Join our journey simply by writing your brave story on our wall, messaging us, emailing us, or reaching out if you want me to interview you or someone you know! Every story helps show peoples we can fight fear together and we're not alone ♥ 


insta: @Bravery_Blog

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