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As some of you might know, Lindsay Tia was at this years Mass Women's Conference, which took place on Thursday, December 10th.  So many amazing things happened there - LT and the team got to meet Tim Gunn of "Project Runway", Sophia Amoruso of "Nasty Gal" and "#GirlBoss", Candy Chang of the art project "Before I Die", and many more fabulous people.  A lot of handbags were sold and a lot of hearts were opened.  Let me explain why.
This year's main focus was the "I Am Brave" campaign that Lindsay Tia is so passionate about.  At the LT booth, we got to have a section with a big chalkboard.  The only words written on this chalkboard were "I Am Brave because".  Anyone and everyone began writing the reasons why they were brave and soon the blank chalkboard was completely filled up.  Before our eyes, people from every social class and ethnicity started telling us their story.  This room full of people we did not know became the most relatable community.
Lindsay also got to speak on a panel in a room full of hundreds of women.  Here she told them why she was brave and why everyone has the potential to be brave.  This inspired them to visit the LT booth and share why they were brave too.  It was by far the most inspirational and moving experience that we've had here at the company.  The smile on everyone's face as they shared their story on that chalkboard was priceless.  Out of all the amazing things that happened at the convention, this was by far the best.
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