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“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” Coco Chanel
Coco Chanel is arguably the best designer to ever live. Still to this day, everything from her handbags to her perfumes are wanted around the world. But that’s not why this quote stuck out to me. The fact that Chanel is a beautiful company with an even more beautiful meaning is what stuck out to me.
Everyday people worry about “common” things – am I attractive enough?, am I good enough?, are they better than me? These negative thoughts flood the minds of anyone and everyone, from a 14 year old girl to a 50 year old man. Having confidence is looked at as being conceited and being really insecure is considered the norm. Why is this okay? Shouldn’t everyone have the confidence to achieve his or her dreams? Shouldn’t everyone think they’re beautiful?
Just like Coco Chanel, Lindsay Tia is a beautiful handbag company with an even more beautiful message. Lindsay Tia wants you to inspire, be brave, and empower. In other words, be yourself and love yourself! Make sure to stay true to who you are and never stop working toward your dream. After you’ve gained that confidence, inspire others to join you! As long as you are doing what you love and being yourself then you are beautiful.
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