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“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.”

Anna Lappe

This is the quote I’ve recently been thinking about while shopping. Before Lindsay Tia started her company, I had no idea what shopping small and locally meant. To me, shopping small meant having to spend more money on something I could buy at Forever 21 for cheaper. However, it is so much more important then people seem to think. Instead of going for the cheaper item, spend a little more money to put a lot more back into our Country.
Here are some main reasons why shopping small is the only way to shop:
  • FAMILY – Buying from a small business means you’re supporting a family. The money that goes into that business helps that family live and doesn’t just go into a big corporation where you’re money doesn’t mean a thing.
  • THE US ECONOMY – Most small businesses, especially Lindsay Tia, have handmade items that are made right here in America. Instead of shopping “Made In China” items, you can shop “Made In America” items which overall help our economy and workers.
  • INNOVATION – The amount of creativity and uniqueness that go into a product coming from a small business is mind-blowing. The designers making these products have your best interest at heart and are distributing quality not quantity.
  • PAYING IT FORWARD – Did you know that over 90% of small business owners give back to their community?   Whether it’s through volunteering or donations, small businesses are giving back!
  • OPPORTUNITY – Being an entrepreneur (or an entreprenuette) is a very hard job. The hustle and work never stop, even when they’ve closed shop for the day. Entrepreneurs are great role models who just want an opportunity to produce great products.
Shop Small Saturday is Saturday, November 28th. Come join Lindsay Tia, and any other locally run small business, for a day of shopping and supporting our Country! Lindsay Tia will be open from 10AM-4PM and is located at 407 W 1st Street in South Boston, MA. Support the local businesses that support the area where you live, play, and work.


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