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The Bravery Bag-


To My Angel,

About a year and half ago I lost my inspiration, the woman who taught me to do whatever I loved with all my heart, and to follow my dream. Growing up my Grandma, Bernice Speen was a social light in Boston. Some may say she was the Barber Walters of Boston. Anyone and everyone who came into Boston, Grandma had to hear their story. Until she met a young, talented, and amazing 23-year-old designer Mr. David Josef. Although he was already fabulous my Grandma saw his talent, passion in him, and helped shine light on this young stud.

Fast forward many years later, a year a half ago I was at my Grandma's funeral when I got a call from David. "Lindsay no time to be sad, your designing the official bag for Boston Medical's Catwalk For Cancer"....It was a sign! To the design table I went. I thought what would represent the fearless & brave men and women who will be strutting down that catwalk overcoming cancer... It hit me the American Flag!

June 2014 the first round of Bravery bags were launched. Every time someone read the story of the Bravery Bag or bought the bag they shared their brave story with me. Story after story after story. I said to myself "My Grandma would have wanted me to do something with these stories." I decided at that point each year I was going to honor the heroic people that I saw in my eyes.

In January 2015 I remember sitting in my room thinking my dream was over. I had no idea what to do anymore, i tried everything, i did everything, and i had no more fight in me. I said to my Grandma up above, "Come on Gram give me something!!!" Sure enough at 4AM I woke up with this "I Am Brave..." movement. I than pitched my movement to to The USO and another angel in my life Jean, who fell in love with it! She saw the light in my eyes, the passion in my heart, and the drive of my crazy thought I can change this world one bag at a time!

For the next 9 months in honor of the brave men and women who were brave through battling cancer, the bravery in the men and women who give their lives to fight for our country, and the bravery within all of us. I want to hear everyone brave story to "Inspire, Encourage Bravery, and Empower Others!" I want to stitch the American Dream together.

Together we can inspire each other, together we can be brave, and together we can empower each other!


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