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I Woke Up Like This..

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I Woke Up Like This..

Ever wake up and not want to go to work? I woke up this morning realizing something that I’ve never woke up not wanting to go to work. After all being an entreprenette is not a job but rather a lifestyle I'd say. I've woke up anxious, determined, excited, nervous, scared, happy, or just never slept to even wake up. But I have never woke up hating my job or not wanting to work. It makes me realize that taking the risk of following my passion is far bigger than my bags, I wake up grateful every morning with a purpose. For that I am thankful for my sanity to think I'll be able to make a difference with my totes! May tomorrow scare you but know it will just challenge you for whatever your set out to be. Be inspired, be brave, & empower!


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