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Why do I love what I do?

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Why do I love what I do?


One of our most important decisions in life is our career path. After all, we spend about 70% of our life doing it! Needless to say, following your passion is the best route to take, but it’s not so easy.

While the career I have is anything but easy, my decision to pursue it was.

Ever since I started taking sewing lessons at the age of 6, I quickly fell in love with fashion and production. I realized I wanted to be an entreprenette after buying my first Barbie cash register and running an “imaginary store” (which, in my opinion, was quite successful!)

 Everything I’ve been through growing up, ranging from activities, my education, and the people I’ve spent time with, have made me be the inspired, brave, and empowering women I am today.

I challenge everyone to take a minute and think, are you happy doing what you are doing?

The way I see it is, we only have one life… Why not be happy and pursue a career with meaning?

I LOVE WHAT I DO because….

I wake up every morning with passion (when I do get sleep!)

I get to make people smile.

I get to make women feel inspired, brave, and empowered.

I am supported by the most amazing, talented, and brave people I know.

I get to help make other dreams come true.

I get to interact and network with talented and passionate people.

I get to support my community.

I get to make a difference!

I get to make my dreams come true.

I do what I do because I believe I “can change the world one bag at a time!”

 Trust me, this is not to say I am always happy, and I often feel like just giving up. Instead of giving up, I remind myself that each obstacle and struggle will only make myself and my business stronger. Besides, if this career was easy, everyone would do it!

Whatever it is that you’re passionate about, GO AFTER IT. It’s worth every risk, obstacle, tear, and chance!




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