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Spring Inspired

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Spring Inspired…

 “Be a game changer, the world has enough followers.”

 Every season we see the latest trends, what’s hot…and the same thing in every store. When I started LT, I made a vow to myself that it would be different. I didn’t want to create what was already being done. I wanted to create a unique product, a unique experience, and a unique lifestyle.

My reasoning is that if I can build a business with that belief, and have a following that believes in it too, it will inspire others to stand out and be different!

This belief inspired me to create LT Purse-onality Gals, my collection of totes that represent every different “gal” and her unique style. At the end of the day maybe we relate to just one purse-onality, or maybe (like myself) we can relate to all the purse-onalities out there - and that’s okay!

The spring line inspiration came easy to me. Just like spring I love bright colors and fun prints that make me smile. From choosing our fabrics, to setting up our photo-shoot in Charleston, South Carolina--it was everything I imagined and more. From picking out each purse-onality styled by our boutique Ku De Ta in South Boston, to capturing the images from Boston Photography by Lauren, it was simply inspiring. From the collection design, to the samples, to the marketing, & all the purse-onalities, it was like watching my child grow up!

 After launching the new line, I have received some amazing feedback. Customers told me they thought this line was the best yet because it was very me & watching my dream grow was a huge inspiration to them. Feedback like that is what keeps me going. We can all do it - we just have to be fearless. That is why I came up with a plan to use my totes as “A fashionable way to make change.” I want people to see my totes and think: 1. I’m inspired by that story 2. What is my dream & how can I be brave to overcome it? And, 3. I conquered my fear, now I need to empower the next person to overcome whatever is stopping them! I want to hear these stories & share them in hope that every time you see the LT brand, you have the constant reminder that you can conquer anything - you just have to be inspired, brave, & empower others!

Because of everyone who has helped me get to where I am, I strongly believe in giving back. If we keep giving back, we can and we will conquer life’s dreams together!



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