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“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I need to be.”- Douglas Adams
Growing up I always wondered why didn’t my family own a business I could just work for? I hated trying to find just any job and any I did I never seemed to be happy with. Little did I know that my after school sewing lessons would turn into my dream, my passion, and my very own business!
This little dream world I live in lets me use my creative mind to make all the things I could ever imagine happen. Each week it’s a new adventure into where I want to bring this business, steps to make the bigger plan of Lindsay Tia happen. The beauty of your own business is watching it unfold and come to life. The scary part is all the bumps in the road no one prepares you for. You have to know how bad you want this dream and know it is your passion.
This past week at LT I have been hustling preparing for the Fall/Spring lines, the new stories & bags we have coming, and a little trip to NY for some leather. Each month I take a trip to NY to grab leather, accessories, and be inspired. Prepping for FALL I need to be ready to take LT to the next level and see where this is all going to lead.
With this new season in mind, I have complied a list of steps I have used as my stepping stones thus far to make it to my end dream. These are:
#2 HAVE A PLAN (even if that means going outside the box more than once)
  • -Working with markets, retail, wholesale,
  • -- Getting a formal own education
  • -Learning a little more each day about my industry and how I should and shouldn’t build LT. This coming year I have made 3 big goals to take one step bigger (fingers crossed.)
Being creative means taking matters in my own hands and learning hands-on to know if I make a mistake how to make it better next time. Each time I create a new line for the season I listen to my customers on what their needs and likes/dislikes have been. My end goal is to listen so much I will have the perfect bag with the LT story & style!
LT main focus is all about making the customer feel special!
“Dreams are today's answers to tomorrow's questions”-Edgar Cayce


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