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"Our Inner Hero"

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The Bravery bag represents our inner hero. Whether you’re a hero in the military, or a hero within yourself conquering life’s everyday battles. There is someone brave in all of us and that is exactly what this bag represents.It represents the American Dream that anything in life is possible, you just have to find your inner super-hero. The first step is to believe in yourself, the second step is to give it your all, and the third step is to be brave. Carry this bag every day to show the world just how brave you are. 
Let The Bravery Bag represent the Fearless, All-American, and Unstoppable person you can be!
The Bravery Bag was designed as the official bag for Boston Medicals 2014 Catwalk for Cancer. During this event was a fashion show with some of Boston’s top designers from David Josef, Denise Hajjar, to Bryan Finocchio, and more. These designers had models who were survivors of cancer. To them every day was a battle that they conquered with their own bravery. Sounds like a hero to me!
Everyday we fight battles, everyday we conquer them, and every day we are our own hero! Each day should be lived to the fullest which this bag represents. Follow your passion, conquer your battles, and know you are your own hero!
During the BMC Catwalk for Cancer I got the pleasure of meeting Kris MacDonald. One of the Models’s for Bryan Finocchio a Cancer survivor. His story is one I’d love to share about his bravery! Kris was a real estate agent at Insight Realty Group living in Quincy. He was diagnosed with stage 4-colon cancer with a 2 year survival rate. Kris says “ Because of BMC willingness to establish an aggressive treatment plan, he beat that prognosis.” After multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, and treatment Kris was still keeping a positive spate with the support of his partner John. John helped Kris run his business while Kris was going through treatment. As determined and dedicated as Kris is to his business he often remembers pulling his IV down the chemo lab hall for better phone service to speak to his clients. It is his partner and BMC family that got him through the most challenging days. At BMC Kris was “Cared for, not just treated.” Kris spends his free time giving back to others, and BMC is a very lucky recipient of his generosity. Kris has been involved with this event since year one as part of the committee. This event shows the stories of the brave people going through everyday battles! Having the chance to be part of this event I got to meet Kris.
We are all heroes!
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