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The Journey to your dream!

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"Follow your dreams or spend the rest of your life building someone else's." 
What is it you really want to do? What is it that makes you happy? You work more than you have free time, so why not build something you love? Either its opening your own business or working for a business that you believe in and has what you want... go after it! 
If you love what you do you'll never have to work a day in your life!
Girls ask how did you start? How did you do it? Graduating from College last May i just decided to go for it. Either paying for graduate school or making okay money in the industry that I wanted to be in didn't seem to appealing to me. Why not spend my time now learning more about what I love, spending the money on my passion, and taking it to another level? At the end of the day it was my money at a time I had nothing else to worry about then myself. People question my knowledge because of my age but when you believe in & love what you want to do your only as smart as you want to be. Taking advantage of every opportunity that comes my way and networking with any and everyone is how you learn. Its not always what you know but who you know it todays business society. 
Now that business is growing faster than I expected and seeing my dreams come true I have taken a step back to make sure the back end of my business is perfect before we grow bigger. Knowing you have a great product, a great story, and you stand behind your business can only lead to success. Especially being a small business against corporate America. Believe in your business and everyone will too!
To me building my business is making a small movement in my community to show that no matter your age, what you believe your capable of, what your passion is you can do it if you want too! Todays community everyone graduating from College isn't handed the best jobs so we are all building our own. Its amazing journey to watch grow and as I blog i hope to keep you inspired!
Design your future.


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