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Meet the "All-American LT Girl!"

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She's a mom. She's a worker. She'a a dreamer. She's a girl. She's old. She's young. She's strong. She's a city girl. She's a beach bum. She's a country girl. She goes out. She loves. She's ambitious. She's a free spirit. She doesnt take life for granted. She is brave. She does it all..... she is The All-Ameircan LT Girl!
Meet the LT girl & our inspiration: LT products don't have a season or trend. But yet our style is timeless. Each collection, each bag, each clutch, is designed for a "Purse-onality!" Now isnt that what style is all about? Not following the crowed but leading it?! 
Be who you are, be what you want to be, and be all you can be.
People ask how do you do it? Do what? Become an entrepreneur? Here it is... JUST GO FOR IT! Everyone is set out to do something, to create something, to make a difference. Take a risk, do what you love, and just go with it!
Be that All-American girl. Doing what you love is a priceless opportunity that you cannot explain. Yes you will be broke, yes you will stress, and yes you will have bad times but there is nothing like the struggle to make you learn. Don't take what you have for granted!
This weekend we will be shooting for our spring line & our "All-American" girls are hitting the city. They are our inspiration and are the everyday realistic superheros. Showing that you can do it all... Being a mom, entrepreneur, inspiration, party-girl, REACHing, and going for what you believe in. Oh wait and full of PURSE-onality!! 


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