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Spring Fling Inspiraiton

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Beauty comes from within you need wisdom, positive thinking, and most importantly, a sense of humor. - My Grandmother

What inspires you? Wether its your everyday life, how you dress, creating, designing, or writing. 
What is it that gets you out of bed in the morning?
As a designer & entrepreneur you would think trends and fashion would inspire LT designs....but no! Everyday life is the true inspiration to my designs. Weather its sitting on a beach, meeting a strong independent person, hearing a story that has meaning that makes you feel or even a good song that goes with todays weather!
Life has so much inspiration, opportunity, and just have to be willing to go grab what you dream of and go with it. Just like in my Grandmas quote that sums up her and her purse-onality. 
A woman beyond her time, she took a risk and chance for her passion. Being a woman with a career doesn't seem so strange now but in her time it was unheard of. Not only did she write for the Brookline paper but had her own TV show interviewing politicians, sports players, designers, and anyone with a story to be told! 
An idol, inspiration, and true believer in my business.
The new LT spring collection coming out soon was inspired by a coastal feel, texas, florals, bright colors, and A WHOLE LOT OF COLOR. Why own another bag? LT bags inspire you to be bold, to show your purse-onality, to rock your style, and just SYMBOLIZE YOU! Be anything you want to be, do anything you want do, and just be happy!


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