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"Never been so happy & broke"

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Being a young entrepreneur has its ups and downs. Some people may not believe you or take you seriously but then some people admire you of taking a risk. I’ve never understood it but also use the negative feedback as motivation to do it better and prove them wrong. Just because I’m young why does it mean I don’t know enough? Isn’t being an entrepreneur a risk taking and learning experience? I refer to this experience as my MBA in exactly what I want to learn and do. Meeting people in your field, meeting people who want to help educate me on ways, and teaching myself from my customer’s feedback on what’s working and what’s not.
Yes when your older you’re more mature and have experience more but it doesn’t always mean it’s the best for you. People see my generation as immature, inexperienced, and young. But I see my generation as thriving young minds. We are inspired people grown in a generation of building a better world. Figuring out how we can make a difference and build a life. Following our dreams while making a difference. So call us young and inexperienced but getting someone in this generation comes with a fresh open mind. We view the world from a new era. Some say we are the new generation of hippies according to the “YOLO” or “Rave. Sleep. Repeat” mottos. But is that bad? Artistic and free spirited people experiencing life, taking risks, doing what they love, and giving back?
From building my business with my own saving I choose to not follow how trends work, how businesses are built, how everything has a certain way, who says everything has to be done that way? Why not stand out and be different? I choose to not follow trends because you can buy them everywhere. I use my inspiration found through daily experiences and people I meet. My customers love style for a reason because it’s unique, different, and original. At the end of the day a trend or color palate is just someone’s opinion isn’t it? Unless it’s proven math, science, or law Fashion/ business is a matter of opinion or how you react to what’s working and what isn’t, change.
Most business right away wouldn’t start charities/fundraisers to give back. Why? The smart way is to build your business then making a difference. Okay? Been done! Here’s my way “Give back & Grow.” As I grow my business I believe in giving back. Why? Because giving back and making a difference is who I am and what I want my business to be. I stand behind what I believe in, the people, my product, and my business.
To me being an entrepreneur isn’t about making a million it’s about building something that’s my passion, what I live/stand for, and what I want to leave behind. Being a true entrepreneur isn’t started for money, you’re in it to make your dreams come true. “I’ve never been so happy and broke,” I tell everyone. I get so excited for each day. I cant wait to see what the day brings me and never want it to end but so excited to wake up to see what tomorrow brings. You cant put a price on happiness; the opportunities I get to participate in and the people I’ve got to meet are true inspirations to me.
They to are everyday people trying to make a difference and doling what they love. Isn’t that what freedom is all about? Call me crazy but I want to change the world even just make a difference to one person. I’ve been blessed to be able to be where I am and love what I do. Passing it on is just what’s right! I want to see change I want to make change.
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