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What's all this Talk about

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So don't you want to know what all this Talk (shop) is about?

Talk Shop is a blog by a Boston fashion designer talking about daily happenings, local bosses, LT's latest inspirations, and where you can find the latest LT products. 

Talk Shop will have 5 sections full of the latest information to keep you updated on Lindsay Tia!

First, we have Product of the Week! 

Product of the week will showcase Lindsay Tia's product of the week and what we think you should be spotted in next! Product of the week will be featured weekly with different LT items that are available in store and online!

Next, is Let's Talk Shop!

Let's talk shop is where you can find the latest on what is happening with LT, what she did last week, and where she is going in the future. This section will have the LT Lowdown on the latest trends, Lindsay Tia events, and anything LT thinks you may want to be caught up on! Make sure to check out "Let's Talk Shop" weekly to stay in the Loop!

Then, we have (Boss)ton!

(Boss)ton will feature local bosses of businesses in the Boston Area. Make sure to stay updated on (Boss)ton because who knows? We may just feature you as our BOSS of the week!

Next up? Meraki!

Meraki (n.) the soul, creativity, or love put into something; the essence of yourself that is put into your work. Meraki will feature Lindsay Tia's latest inspirations. Meraki may feature people or trends that have inspired us this week.

Finally, LT will feature Where in the world is LT?

Want to be featured this week on our Where in the world is LT? Send us your pictures! We want to see where you and "Lindsay Tia" are traveling this week! Traveling to Europe? We want to see it! Traveling to Bahamas? We want to see it! Send us your latest travel pictures of Where you are in the World featuring your Lindsay Tia merchandise to be feature in this section. 

That's all for now! Keep up with Talk Shop's latest happenings by following our blog (and tell all your friends about it too!) because you may just be featured on Lindsay Tia's "Talk Shop". 



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