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"Bravery without wisdom can be foolishness."

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Bravery Blog #6
This interview is all about Steve Gross - Chief Playmaker of Life is good Company.  His roll in the company is to explore how everyone can be the best them and leads the company with optimism and positivity.  He is a fantastic public speaker that interacts with the crowd and makes sure everyone is getting involved.  Interviewing him was nothing short of inspiring.  There was nothing but positive energy in the room and he gave advice that I will definitely use.
As always, I started this interview off by asking him "Are you brave?".  To my surprise, his answer was "Sometimes".  I thought for sure, someone who gets up in front of thousands of people would feel brave.  He began to tell me that the hardest thing he's been through is making sense of life.  Living life through a positive eye knowing that we are only here for a short period of time is so hard to do.  But this is also what makes us brave.
He's brave because he is fully present and open.  He is not afraid to love, get hurt, be vulnerable, or say how he feels.  That takes courage and guts.  After he explained this all to me I asked "Now, do you think you're brave?"  He explained that he is braver now than he was before.  He believes that life prepares us to be brave.  All of our "first times" are setting us up to be brave.  Whether it's our first time using the "potty" or our first time going on a job interview, we are being courageous.  Even making the decision not to do something is being brave.  He say's "Bravery without wisdom can be foolishness" which is a quote that will stick with me.
I ended this interview by asking him "What inspires you and who do you want to empower?"  He get's inspired by the belief in making the world a better place and he wants to empower everyone he comes into contact with.
What does Steve inspire you to do?


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