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I’ve always believed that everything happens for a reason. We might know what we want to achieve out of life and how we want to achieve that, but life always has a different plan for us. Most of us don’t understand why until later. There is a purpose for all the pain we obtain and a reason why we are handed the cards we are. My goal is to turn our pain to a greater purpose. In order to do so, we have to sit down and look at our “bravery” to see where we can help other’s fight their fear.

Meet Stacey Alcorn, an Entrepreneur, Author, Attorney, Blogger, Business Owner of LAER Realty, and so much more. What you don’t see from this go-getting, inspiring, hard-working lady is what fuels her. I started off this interview by asking Stacey “Do you think you are brave?” Her response? “I think so?”

Part of this blog is to dig deep and help people realize why they are really brave. Keeping this in mind, I continued with my interview with Stacey. My next question was “What is the hardest thing you’ve been through or done?” Her initial response was “Rebranding my company”. As we kept talking and getting comfortable, I began to break her shield.

Stacey, like many others, may have many inspiring brave stories. One of them is being a driven woman in a hectic business world, but another unlikely brave story she has, has to do with her being a mother. Stacey has a daughter, Oshyn who is only six years old. When Oshyn was two and half years old, she was diagnosed with epilepsy. One of the biggest fears of being a mother, is finding out your child has a disease. Stacey remembers being at the gym when she got the horrible phone call from her mother telling her to rush home because something was wrong with Oshyn. By the time Stacey got home, there were ambulances everywhere ready to take Oshyn to the hospital. At the hospital, the doctors explained that Oshyn has epilepsy.

In the hospital, Stacey remembers seeing sick children all around whose families couldn’t be with them because they couldn’t afford to take a day off from work. As Oshyn got better, she began going around and letting the children play with her on her iPad. She kept them company while their families weren’t around. Seeing the happiness on their face melted her heart and she knew she had to do something else. She went out and donated iPads to the hospital for the children to have something to do.

After listening to her story, I asked Stacey “Now do you think you’re brave?” She then realizes “I am brave. I’m brave to help take my daughter’s pain and find a purpose while dealing with her diagnosis of Epilepsy.” I then ask her “What is it that inspires you?” Without hesitation, she responds “Other brave people who are risk takers. The people who fall and get back up. The people who take their pain and turn it into purpose and the people who don’t give up!”

I ended this interview by asking this fearless lion “Who do you want to empower?” Stacey is set to “Empower women and children of all ages. I want to push them to be their best and help fight through their challenging times”.

A lion roars proudly before they go into battle, and this strong lady is one tough lion. A woman who is fierce in the business industry, giving in the community, and strong for her family must have a brave heart. She always uses her connections and resources to make this world a little bit better for everyone else. Stacey has changed many lives through her “REACH” method and encourages everyone to go through life with bravery.


What does Stacey inspire you to do?


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