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Impossible Is Nothing

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Angela Cornacchio
Meet Angela Cornacchio - owner of Cornacchio Communications, a PR and communication business specializing in business consulting, building websites, promotions, on-site press and social media.  On top of that she is also a soccer player and an author!  You can find her book "Player Diaries" on Amazon.  How does someone have so much drive?  I sat down with Angela to get her Brave Story.
Angela was born in South Dakota where she stayed with her dad until she was 11 years old.  Her mom left when she was 5 years old and moved to Alaska.  Angela's relationship with her parent's isn't a typical one.  She hasn't spoke to either of them in many, many years which is apart of the reason why she is such an independent person.  At 18 years old, she moved to Boston all by herself.
Being so into soccer, Angela researched colleges in Boston with great soccer teams.  She came across Bunker Hill Community College.  Here, she exceled at soccer and went on to becoming a professional soccer player for the Boston Breakers.  During her time on the Boston Breakers, she had 4 knee surgeries.  Not having any family to rely on made this incredibly hard but she fought through it. Not only did she recover from her knee surgeries but she also went on to run the Boston Marathon in 2005.  Her goal was to run the entire marathon without stopping and that is exactly what she did!
What is next for someone so incredibly brave?  Angela's main focus is to find her way back into playing professional soccer.  She also really wants to piece together her fashion marketing business and find her way into fashion journalism.  As she says "Impossible Is Nothing".
What does Angela inspire you to do?


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