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Bravery Blog: Emily Goodman

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Bravery Blog
Emily Goodman
This weeks Bravery Blog is all about Emily Goodman, the creator of the blog “Simply Gourmet in Southie”. Her online blog has allowed her to become a blogger, entrepreneur, and online health and fitness coach. On top of that she is also a corporate event planner. Someone who works so much MUST love his or her job, but it wasn’t always that way.
Emily began to tell me that the hardest thing she’s been through was in 2014. She decided that she had to quit her job. This was the first job she had coming out of college and something she was so used to doing. Her best friends worked there and they became like a family. But with the late nights and other work conditions, she was so unhappy. With work being such a huge part of everyone’s life, being unhappy where you are is a waste! That is when “Simply Gourmet in Southie” began.
“Simply Gourmet in Southie” is a blog where Emily shares her new recipes, fitness journey, her travels, new restaurants, and lifestyle. She motivates others to join her in her fitness journey and to get ideas from her clean style recipes. You don’t need to give up food to loose weight; it’s all about balance.
So what inspires someone like Emily? People who are self-motivated and positive inspire her. She has been around negative people in the past and has noticed herself becoming negative as well, which is something she did not like. Now she surrounds herself with motivated and positive people who only lift her up.
I ended this interview by asking Emily whom she hopes to empower. She hopes to empower young women by showing them that anything is possible. She wants them to believe that they can do anything and to work on themselves. Such a brave and powerful message to put out into the world! To visit Emily’s blog click here.
What does Emily inspire you to do?


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